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Si canta Puccini is a non-profit lyrical circle and Lyric Center Giacomo Puccini for young opera singers in Brussels. Our main goal is to give young up-and-coming singers a venue where they can practice their art in front of a discriminating audience of opera lovers and professionals.

The young artists performing at Si canta Puccini are invited to sing pieces from their musical repertoire accompanied by a professional pianist and thus gain the experience which will allow them face professional auditions with self-confidence and nerve, giving access to a professional and lyrical career.


Based on the great Italian tradition of lyrical circles (Firenze, Lucca, Milano, Bologna, Parma…), Si canta Puccini will invite this young opera singers to perform at our musical meeting several times a month, either singing individual pieces from their own musical repertoire or a complete programme.


"It’s crucial to perform at a public venue"

Auditions are among the most important steps in a lyrical and artistic career as it is only through auditions a singer can be recruited by an artistic agency, obtain an operatic role, be booked for concerts or admitted to international contests. As a result, auditions require a great deal of preparation and experience. It is our objective to help young singers prepare themselves in such a way as to enable them to face all difficulties they may encounter in their professional careers and thereby help them along the way to become serious and famous artists. For us, it is crucially important for young artists to perform at a public venue as early as possible.


The aim of our musical meetings is precisely that, and together we can make the difference. From now on, there is a place in Brussels dedicated to preparing opera singers in real-life conditions.

"It’s crucial to perform efficiently and proficiently"

Joining the lyrical circle therefore represents a golden opportunity to learn more about yourself as an artist and musician. It will also give you the possibility to manage stress and to control your emotions in front of an audience. In other words, rehearsing at Si canta Puccini will give future lyrical artists the know-how necessary to give their very best without being distracted by external influences during a musical performance.


If you decide to become a Si canta Puccini member and want to learn more about opera, you will soon understand that there is an immense difference between what one’s own musical work (done alone or with an instructor) and the experience of a live performance on stage can teach you.


Authentic concerts and auditions are special moments in which, armed only with the skills previously acquired, artists seek to give their very best and provide their public with a quality experience.


If you wish to learn more and to evolve professionally as a lyrical artist, you are most welcome to join the association!

"It’s crucial to lend young lyrical artists a helping hand"​

In December 2019, Si canta Puccini, will have the pleasure of offering a scholarship for the amount of 1000 € to reward the determination and hard work of a young lyrical artist registered in our musical meetings.

The institution of an annual competition centred on Giacomo Puccini’s oeuvre in front of a jury of international renown will also give our artists the possibility to measure their skills in performing the highly difficult pieces of the last great Italian opera composer of the 20th century. 



"It is important to commemorate Giacomo Puccini"

The Si Canta Puccini non-profit association will also propose conferences, lyrical workshops and masterclasses focusing on different aspects of the life and work of Giacomo Puccini.


Indeed, the world-famous Maestro who composed Manon Lescaut, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, Fanciulla del West and Turandot – all of which continue to be performed around the world to this day – died in Brussels on 29 November 1924 as the result of throat cancer. His last and possibly greatest opera, Turandot, was left unfinished.


Therefore, in a few years’ time few years we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Puccini death and, on 29 November 2024, our association shall inaugurate a memorial plaque to the eternal memory of the man who was the equal of – and a worthy heir to – Giuseppe Verdi. 


Wishing to be a hub for cultural exchange and development, the association will be delighted to welcome anyone who feels inspired by this great composer, and all of those who are eager to learn and discover more about this incomparable musician!


Finally, the management hopes that through a regular participation in our musical meetings and activities around Giacomo Puccini, we may give Puccini lovers the opportunity to discover more about this Maestro who portrayed the lives of heroes in flesh and blood through his melodious, passionate and uniquely orchestrated music.

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