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The musical and cultural aims of Giacomo Puccini Lyric Center are as follows:


  • To organize musical events at which both young and more experienced opera singers may perform in front of a small live audience of discriminating listeners in order to prepare themselves for auditions and professional performances.

  • Musicological conferences through which to discover and rediscover Giacomo Puccini’s life and oeuvre. These shall include musical analyses of Puccini’s operas, of the greatest historical singers of the Puccinian repertoire, and of the other illustrious composers of Puccini’s epoch.

  • To organize lyrical workshops centred on the works of Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, Pietro Mascagni, Ruggiero Leoncavallo.


  • To institute cultural exchanges with the principal Italian lyrical circles as well as the most importan places linked to the memory of Giacomo Puccini, such as the museum at Lucca, his villa at Torre del Lago, etcetera.

  • To create a committee for the financing of a commemorative bust or plaque to pay tribute to Puccini and honour his memory on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death in 2024.

  • To invite speakers from the opera world including professional opera singers, conductors and musicologists to impart their experience and know-how to younger singers, preparing them for the complexity and the difficulties of a career in opera.


  • To organise a singing competition called « Puccini’s voice » 

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